Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at a C4C seminar?
The program involves a combination of teaching, examples, and lots of practical application for the couples that attend. There are some large group interactions and teaching as well as many opportunities to connect just with your partner. Created for Connection is a seminar based on the most successful couples therapy Emotionally-Focus Therapy (EFT) created by Dr. Sue Johnson.

Who should attend?
Any couples that desire more closeness in their relationship and an understanding of the negative patterns that divide their connection. Only couples in severe crisis (dealing with active addiction, ongoing affairs, or active abuse) are not a good fit for this program and may be a better fit for couples therapy.

Who are the facilitators?
Julie and Allison are licensed therapists and a mother/daughter teaching team with years of experience working with couples. They teach with humor, insight and a deep passion for seeing couples move toward secure closeness and healing from old wounds. Both Julie and Allison are trained in EFT therapy and the integration of EFT with spirituality. They guide couples through a powerful and transformative weekend.

Does the seminar provide childcare?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide childcare at our C4C seminars. We offer two formats multiple times throughout the year: the weekend intensive over three days, and an eight week format that meets once a week in the evening to accommodate all different schedules.

Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes. We are able to accept only a limited number of couples for each seminar, your reservation and payment secures your space. We offer a full refund (minus a service charge) one full week prior to the start of the event and a half refund 3 days prior to the start of the event. Under three days and once the event has begun we are not able to offer any refunds.

Still have questions regarding a C4C seminar?
Contact Julie and Allison here:


This seminar gave our marriage hope! For most of our marriage, although I loved my husband and he, I know, loved me, there was an almost total emotional disconnect that after 13 years I felt I would not be able to survive.  Although I had tried and tried to communicate my need for deep connection this never got through to my husband until we came to your seminar.  After the first few sessions, my husband shared that he finally understood why I felt so alone and lonely and he finally understood the dynamic of true intimacy.  This has been restorative and a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it for any and all couples who hope for a deeper love in their marriage.  Allison and Julie are both wonderful and wise.

Couple Anon, GB California